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How to Keep Your Brain Younger For Longer, Improve Memory, Focus, Prevent Alzheimers and More

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Would you like to learn techniques you can use to improve memory, focus, gut and brain health, prevent dementia and alzheimers?

Then check out this podcast with Dr. Marc Milstein, who is a brain expert and is the author of the book the Age-Proof brain.

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Here are some of the topics we discussed:

1. Dr. Marc Milstein's background

2. What happens to the brain as it ages?

3. Can neurons in the brain actually regenerate?

4. How does memory start to decline and how can people preserve memory?

5. What are some factors that worsen memory?

6. Is recall the same thing as memory?

7. How is stress bad for the brain?

8. Why is sleep so important for the brain?

9. What is the role of smartphones, devices and other technology in worsening our distractions?

10. How can we boost focus and productivity in our lives?

11. What is the gut brain connection and what do we know?

12. How can one prevent dementia and alzheimers?

13. Inflammation or inflammaging is known as one of the leading causes of does it affect the brain?

14. How can we slow down or even reverse brain aging?

15. Where you can find Dr Milstein and get his book?

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