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How The "SuperAge" Longevity Demographic Trends Will Change Economic, Political and Social Norms: Bradley Schurman

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On this episode, Faraz Khan brings on Bradley Schurman, a demographic futurist and opinion maker on all things dealing with the business of longevity.

He wrote the book The Super Age: Decoding our Demographic Destiny, where he talks about these changes and how they will change economic, corporate and social norms.

Join us for a sneak peak into the future.

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1. Bradley Schurman - what's your background and why did you write the book The Super Age - decoding our demographic destiny?

2. It's a very contenporary book…it contains references to wokeness, MeToo, BLM, LoveWins, Tiktok. Are you out there watching all the societal currents and changes all day long?

3. Walk us through the big changes in society in the past 200 years and how life expectancy was corelated or affected by these changes?

4. Your book examines two megatrends - declining birth rates and longevity and both intersecting to form a older and generationally diverse society than humans have lived in before. Why is this event so important or seismic with the potential to shake up economies?

5. A growing number of countries will pass the point where at least 20% of population is above 65. New era - super age - where older populations will outnumber younger ones.

6. More people will claim pension and medical benefits, fewer people will be working and paying taxes. Won't this cause higher taxes and generational strife? 

7. What's going to happen to retirement planning in this new world?

8. How is the workforce going to change and how can employers and companies change their processes to bring on middle age or even older workers?

9. What else should we prepare for as we look towards the future?

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