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How A Tiny In-Ear Device Can Mute Noise And Help You Sleep Better At Night: Janne Kyllonen

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On this episode, Faraz interviews an co-founder of a company which makes a tiny device to mute noise and help you sleep better at night.

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Janne Kyllönen is co-founder and chief product officer at QuietOn. Before QuietOn, Janne worked with Nokia, Microsoft and Pehutec as Sr.Project Manager and Product Owner. Janne is widely recognized expert in technology development and user experience.

He is inventor of over 10 patents families and key creator of several product concepts. He has M.Sc. in Physics, Computer Science and Mathematics from University of Joensuu.

Here are some of the items we discussed:

1. Why Is There So Much Noise These Days?

2. How Much Damage Can Noise Cause To Hearing

3. Why Is The Frequency Of Noise Important

4. What's Wrong With Foam Earplugs

5. How Does Noise Masking Work?

6. How does Active Noise Cancelling & Work?

7. How Does The QuietOn Work?

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