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Sam and Jesse Johnson - Part 1

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It's time to meet the Big Invitation Client - Jesse Johnson. 

Jesse's design is a 4/6 emotional Generator with the Channels of Abstraction and Mating, but what she does for work is support people to make the money they need in order to realize their potential.

Previously an NYC math teacher, she pivoted into the world of business coaching when she realized she could generate more of the results she wanted in that industry. Once she was able to leave the structure of the classroom, she found the freedom and spaciousness she was craving in her work relationships, and the success results began to follow. I say success because her work is in making financial abundance a reality for people who didn't believe it was possible, and that work satisfies her to no end. 

How we ended up in relationship is quite a fantastical, mechanical story - and one I'll mostly save for part 2 of this episode - but for now, it's time to meet Jesse. I hope you hear what I hear - a Generator in response, and how satisfying that can be. She's one of my favourite Generators to absorb and amplify. I tell her she's "fresh-pressed Jesse" and I'm thirsty.

Website -

Instagram - @samzagar

Website -

Instagram - @jessejohnsoncoaching

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