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Meet the woman who empowered me to try something I've wanted to my whole life - Isabella McGuire Mayes, the genius behind Ballet With Isabella

Isabella is a 5/2 Self Projected Projector with the channels of Structuring and The Alpha, but what she does for work is run a ballet related empire. I found her on Instagram where I was immediately struck by her voice - in particular the way she spoke to the person on the other side of the camera. While most ballet content I find is showing movement set to music, she is doing something different - giving incredibly accessable instruction to anyone who wants to follow along.

It wasn't long before I left a shy comment, and when she replied, I felt seen and even more drawn to her. I joined her membership at the top tier so I could have access to the 30 minute session with her where she structures a custom plan for you to practice with. I dove into classes and then realized she had a podcast as well called A Dancers Mindset. I started to binge her work and the curiosity of what her design was began to gnaw at me. I invited her onto Anew Narrative and at her acceptance I asked for her birth information. When I found out she was a Projector with Innocence motivation like myself, I kinda lost my sh** in a great way. It was an overwhelming relief. I felt so validated that someone similar to me had achieved so many things I wasn't sure a Projector could.

This episode is relatively short and sweet as I wanted to be mindful of her energy considering she doesn't make any of her own, but I'm rather certain she'll be back for a second one at the very least. I could talk to her for ages. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!

Website -

Instagram - @samzagar

Website - Ballet With Isabella

Instagram - @balletwithisabella

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