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Functioning, Quad Left + ADHD

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There's something about this episode for me that was so powerful, so personal, so profound - that it became my new favourite episode while listening back to it and editing the YouTube video for it. While it might sound wildly cliché, I could hear in my own voice how much I've learned to accept myself. I've been struggling with some aspects of my own functioning, such as how quickly I can get overwhelmed and overstimulated, or how intense of a focus I can get locked into. Through seeking support, I learned that I am someone with the right cluster of syptoms to be diagnosed as high functioning ADHD. I've begun working with a psychiatrist on an assortment of strategies to help me structure my life to be more supportive to how I function. Understanding my Quad Left variable configuration is probably the most helpful thing I've learned about myself, but there was a LOT of value in knowing my type, and what undefined centers I had as well. 

Are you curious to know how you can relate, or how you are different? Tune in for 64 minutes as I take us on a little journey into the core of how I operate. You can also find this on YouTube with a video of a Manifestor and I walking BX Falls in Vernon.

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