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276: The Future of Healing: How Biofeedback Devices Are Changing Medicine

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In this episode of the Ancient Health Podcast, Dr. Motley discusses the use of biofeedback technology, specifically focusing on neurofeedback and how it can help bring deep emotional patterns to the surface. By using EEG technology and electrodes to send signals to disrupted areas of the brain, biofeedback devices can help jostle these areas and restore normal patterns of brain activity. Dr. Motley highlights the importance of biofeedback technology in transforming health and overcoming disease naturally. 00:01:32 - Biofeedback Technology Overview 00:02:50 - Non-Invasive Health Monitoring 00:04:47 - Biofeedback Devices in Europe 00:05:18 - Sci-Fi Becomes Reality: Tricorders 00:06:01 - Modern Biofeedback Devices 00:07:16 - Biofeedback for Tissue and Organ Health 00:07:48 - Detecting Microbial Frequencies 00:09:04 - Light Therapy and Infection Treatment 00:10:12 - Validity of Biofeedback Technology 00:13:37 - Sound Therapy and Healing 00:14:47 - Light and Color Biofeedback 00:16:58 - Royal Rife's Discoveries 00:19:59 - Rife Therapy and Light Wavelengths 00:21:14 - Biofeedback Devices for Health Insights 00:22:51 - Case Study: Detecting H. pylori 00:24:26 - Exploring Various Biofeedback Devices 00:25:21 - Levels Health and Blood Sugar Monitoring 00:26:26 - Neurofeedback for Emotional Trauma 00:29:10 - Biofeedback Beyond Biochemistry 00:30:36 - Future of Biofeedback Technology Try some Honey With Superpowers™! Head to to get 3 FREE Gifts with your Starter Kit - a $25 value! Dr. Motley's Links: To connect deeper with Dr. Motley and his content, check out his membership community! Instagram: Want more of The Ancient Health Podcast? Subscribe to the YouTube channel!! Follow @healthinstitute on Instagram! Join The Health Institute Newsletter!

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