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275: Architect of Your Health: Mastering Metabolic Mastery with Ellie Kempton

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In this episode of the Ancient Health Podcast, Ellie Kempton, a biochemist and functionally trained dietitian, discusses the importance of detoxing estrogen properly in today's environment filled with estrogen-mimicking chemicals. She emphasizes the need to focus on optimizing our metabolic experience by going through all three phases of estrogen detox. Ellie's expertise lies in empowering women to reclaim their health through her teachings at Simply Nourished. Tune in to learn how to connect the pieces of your health for a holistic approach to well-being. 00:00 - Introduction to Estrogen Detox 02:31 - Personal Story of Transition and Health 07:52 - Importance of Self-Awareness in Health Journey 15:08 - Bridging the Gap between Intention and Action 22:25 - Importance of Celebrating New Habits 28:51 - Understanding Metabolic Mastery 32:16 - Bookending Days for Success 39:15 - Addressing Emotional and Metabolic Health 41:52 - Timing of Food and Metabolic Health 45:25 - Embracing Failure for Growth * Try Quantum Upgrade FREE for 15 days with code “ANCIENT” at Ellie's Links: Websites: + The Table Membership: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Metabolic Mastery Image: ------  Follow Dr. Josh Axe Instagram Follow Dr. Chris Motley Instagram Follow Courntey Bursich Instagram

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