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259: The Uncensored Truth: Shedding Light on Corrupt Systems and Offering Solutions

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In this episode of the Ancient Health Podcast, our guest Dr. Seth Gerlach, a functional medicine doctor and health freedom warrior, joins the conversation. Dr. Gerlach shares his expertise in helping people transform their health and provides solutions for taking control of one's own health. Hosts discuss controversial topics and the importance of not just scaring people, but offering practical solutions. Tune in for an insightful and empowering discussion on taking charge of your health and life. 01:16 Dr. Seth Gerlach's background. 06:23 Lost all hope in conventional medicine. 08:09 Losing faith in conventional medicine. 12:37 Approach to conventional medicine. 15:47 DIY pediatrician alternatives. 20:21 Emotional impact on health. 23:06 Self-description and emotional awareness. 27:10 Evaluating choices and breaking free. 30:48 Patterns and personal growth. 35:33 Health in a spiritual battle. 38:23 Health and division in society. 42:16 Education system and worker training. 48:00 Screen time and child development. 50:39 Building a healthy microbiome. 54:24 Speaking up despite backlash. 58:06 Various topics discussed. 1:03:06 Exposing your mind to a different perspective. SHOW LINKS & REFERENCES  Dr. Seth’s Podcast:  The Uncensored Truth Follow Dr. Seth on Instagram:  @dr_sethgerlach Follow our host Courtney Bursich: @organic_blondie Follow @thehealthinstitute on Instagram!  Join Our Newsletter!

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