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258: Why Vitamin A Deserves a Spotlight: The Surprising Truth

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Our host, Courtney, explores the often overlooked vitamin A and its importance for overall health. The host discusses the difference between fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins, the potential toxicity of vitamin A, and the role of natural versus synthetic forms of the vitamin.  Courtney emphasizes the critical role of vitamin A in eye health, immune function, mucous membranes, fertility, and skin health. They also highlight the different forms of vitamin A, including preformed vitamin A found in animal-based foods and provitamin A found in plant-based foods. She also explains that deficiencies in vitamin A can manifest in symptoms such as night blindness, bumps on the back of the arm, and fertility issues.  Topics Discussed: 00:01 - Introduction to Vitamin A 01:10 - Fat-Soluble vs. Water-Soluble Vitamins 02:45 - Vitamin A Toxicity Concerns 04:00 - Big Pharma and Nutrient Demonization 05:20 - Vitamin A's Role in Health 06:50 - Forms of Vitamin A: Retinol and Beta-Carotene 08:30 - The Shift in Prenatal Supplements 09:45 - Synthetic vs. Natural Vitamin A 11:30 - Synergy of Vitamins and Nutrient Absorption 13:15 - Vitamin A and Fertility 15:00 - Whole Food Sources of Vitamin A 16:45 - Signs of Vitamin A Deficiency 18:30 - Vitamin A Deficiency in Developing Countries 19:50 - Vitamin A and Autism Spectrum 21:10 - Vitamin A's Role in Mitochondrial Energy 22:35 - The Impact of Seed Oils on Vitamin A 24:00 - Summary and Importance of Whole Food Forms 25:30 - Addressing Vitamin A Deficiency with Practitioners 26:45 - Food Sources of Vitamin A 28:30 - Closing Thoughts and Episode Recap 29:50 - Sign Off and Invitations to Engage Episode 179: Chris Kresser: Weston A Price/ Chris Masterjohn: Eat Pluck Organ Seasoning:  Ancient Health Podcast Episode 160  20% OFF EATPLUCK WITH CODE "ANCIENTHEALTH" OR "HEALTHINSTITUTE" AT CHECKOUT  Follow @healthinstitute on Instagram!  Follow @organicblondie on Instagram! Join The Health Institute Newsletter!

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