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257: Eating for Longevity and Family Health with Nutrition Expert Kelly LeVeque

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In this episode, we hosted Kelly LeVeque, a holistic nutritionist and author of "Body Love." She shares insights on balancing blood sugar for health and weight management, and her "Fab Four" formula (protein, fat, fiber, greens) for meal creation. Emphasizing protein's role in satiety and postpartum recovery, Kelly also discusses introducing diverse foods to children and the benefits of involving them in meal prep. Her practical, scientifically-backed approach to nutrition caters to family health. Kelly's resources, including courses on blood sugar balance and Fab Four smoothies, are available at Be Well by Kelly and Topics Discussed: 1:28 - Initial Greetings and Catching Up 2:06 - Family Updates and Parenthood 2:43 - Work and Family Life Balance 3:52 - Living Locations and Lifestyle Changes 4:28 - Homeschooling and Education Choices 5:14 - School Considerations and Parental Involvement 6:19 - Moving During the Pandemic and Work Topics to Avoid 8:19 - Nutrition for Blood Sugar Balance and Personal Health 9:14 - Dr. Axe's Introduction of Kelly LeVeque 10:46 - Kelly's Background and Journey into Health and Nutrition 16:50 - Core Nutritional Principles for Celebrities and General Health 23:06 - Personalizing Nutrition and Listening to the Body 27:44 - Importance of Protein and Postpartum Health 31:49 - Nutrient Deficiencies During Pregnancy and Postpartum 35:36 - Kelly's Daily Supplement Routine 37:50 - Favorite Family-Friendly Recipes 41:58 - Involving Kids in the Kitchen and Food Acceptance 48:37 - The Importance of Homemade Meals 51:42 - Nutritional Insights and Homemade Food Benefits 54:59 - Family Connection Through Meals and Where to Find Kelly Online Kelly’s Links:  Instagram: @bewellbykelly Website: Shop: BWBK Protein Powder The Be Well Podcast Fab 4 Nutrition Courses Follow @healthinstitute on Instagram!  Join The Health Institute Newsletter!

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