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255: Dave Asprey on Hacking Your Body for Better Health and Longevity

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In this conversation, Dr. Josh Axe interviews Dave Asprey, the father of biohacking, about longevity and biohacking tips. They discuss the importance of minerals and electrolytes, the role of politics in health, and the need for personalization in diet and health practices. Dave shares his experiences with testing different therapies on himself and the game-changing results he has seen. They also touch on the gap in access to health and longevity and the importance of taking control of one's own health. Dave Asprey discusses his approach to biohacking and optimizing health. He emphasizes the importance of avoiding plant toxins and consuming a diet low in Omega-6 fats. Dave also shares his exercise routine, which focuses on brief and intense workouts powered by artificial intelligence. He highlights the benefits of AI-driven exercise and neurofeedback for improving physical and mental performance. Dave provides information about Upgrade Labs, a biohacking facility, and encourages entrepreneurs to join the franchise. Overall, the conversation explores strategies for achieving optimal health and longevity. Topics Discussed:  00:00 Introduction and Background 04:44 Upgrade Labs and Full Body Compression 14:44 Game-Changing Therapies and Results 19:12 Importance of Minerals and Electrolytes 25:42 The Gap in Access to Health and Longevity 32:40 The Role of Politics and Health Freedom 39:35 Dietary Philosophy and Personalization 43:03 Avoiding Plant Toxins 44:00 Eating Resiliently 44:29 The Dangers of Overdoing Keto 45:27 Carbs and Toxins 48:26 Exercise: Smarter, Not Harder 49:26 AI-Driven Exercise 51:19 Optimizing Body and Brain 53:08 Upgrade Labs and Biohacking Follow Dave Asprey  on Instagram Check out the 10th Annual Biohacking Conference, Danger Coffee - Use Code DRAXE10 for 10% off Danger Coffee Upgrade Labs Vitamin DAKE Want more of The Ancient Health Podcast?  Subscribe to the YouTube channel. Follow Dr. Josh Axe Instagram

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