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The Wonders of Colostrum!

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We’re joined by Liz Rutherford and Freddie Rostand talking about their journey to bring organic colostrum to not just pets, but to their owners too! We chat about what colostrum is, and how with minimal processing it offers the most potent and biologically available immune system boost. Studies concur that this ‘first milk’ delivers vital nutrients and antibodies. By supplementing with this natural powerhouse is shown to balance and help fight disease and the ageing process. As a natural resource to balance the immune system, colostrum is also known to alleviate persistent skin conditions, increase mobility, stimulate cognitive function and boost gut health. Having seen the benefits of colostrum on her own dogs and cats for over a decade, Anna is thrilled to now be able to source this potent ’superfood’  in the UK, which previously she purchased from Switzerland.

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