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Esther Logue of Paleo Ridge Pt 1

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Esther Logue of Paleoridge, is back talking about the re-package launch of the Paleo Plus in part one of this 'You Are What You Eat' special to kick off a series of shows devoted to nutrition.

The new packaging has been created to convey the plus in Paleo Ridge, and goes live tomorrow! We chat about why Paleo Plus could be described as peace of mind in a bowl. Packed with different cuts and organs of whole ethical sourced meats and fish, the range mirrors the 80:10:10 ancestral diet formula. But just as wolves might dig up some roots, nibble berries and herbs, our domesticated dogs like to chew on fresh juicy grass, even chomp off a blackberry! That’s why Paleo Plus taps into the need for the right quantity of extra superfoods to be added - putting the plus into the range. Using the company’s blend of ‘Berry Good’, with ingredients chosen for nutritional excellence, including: Green Lipped Mussel, Blackberries, Kale, Seaweed, and Hemp seed. We discuss anew field in nutrition which draws from the ancient studies of Hippocrates, which is treating like with like. Studies have recently shown an improvement in dogs with kidney disease by feeding them additional kidneys. This is known as ‘organ therapy’. Setting the Paleo Plus range apart if its use of every organ (in the right quantity) allowing for maximum nutritional potential. Every organ, be it the lung or the spleen, is packed with a different nutritional profile, enhancing the spectrum of health benefits of the range. Paleo Ridge is committed to only sourcing from farmers with the highest ethical standard, committed to breaking boundaries in sustainability and is accredited by  https://rawsafe.com/

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