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Crufts 2024

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In our Crufts 2024 round up I’m taking a look at the natural healthcare vibes and much more chatting to both familiar voices and new ones, talking to people and companies with a focus on natural health, grooming and wellness.

I catch up on the latest from natural balanced and complete food firms including  Paleoridge, and why Honeys has launched a bespoke service, including cooked options for certain cases.

I also caught up with Coya and their freeze dried raw where convenience meets natural health. Exhibiting for the first time Ingenious Probiotcs highlighted the benefits of boosting the microbiome not just in your dog, but in your home too - eliminating any risks of Volatile Organic Compounds.

I met up with Bugalugs and chatted about their new range of natural supplements, and to Photizo discussing the increased demand for ‘red light therapy’ and why they think Crufts visitors are interested in natural healthcare. We chat about Crufts and why I love it as an educational experience about dogs, your choice, the scope to get the best out of your dog, the teamwork and how to build the indelible bond.

I shout  about being live on Channel 4 with Mr Binks talking about English Toy Terriers as one of the Native Vulnerable breeds.  

We also catch up with Lady B and the National Foundation for Retired Service Animals and a huge announcement.

Visit Paleo's website

and Ingenious Probiotics

and Coyapet

and Bugalug's Pet Care

And the NFSRA

and Danetre Health Products

Honey's Raw Dog Food

And Earth Animal

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