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Carol Hughes Pt 1

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We’re joined by Carol Hughes talking in the first of mini series on the Microbiome. Carol’s journey began being commissioned by the Welsh Government  to research plant compounds in particular natural occurring steroids. Carol explains how this naturally moved into researching animals microbiomes as part of her parent company Phytorigins. We discuss how science namely Artificial Intelligence has moved forwards combined with working with leaders in the field at Aberystwyth University, how her team has conducted the first in-depth observation of different ‘biomes: cats, horses and of course dogs. We talk about her first study relating to obesity in dogs, and the bacteria that indicate and prove why dogs are getting porkier. You are what you eat!!!!! Carol believes the microbiome shows everything in your dog, when you know how to read the picture presented. What she has discovered is that dogs in the UK are not well. In fact they are less healthy than horses and cats. We discuss the many reasons as to why this is the case, revealing that Carol’s research is a honey pot of information that could help Britain’s dogs be healthier.

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