6 Conditions | The Science & Art of Great Teams podcast

6 Conditions | The Science & Art of Great Teams

Dr. Ruth Wageman and Dr. Krister Lowe

Explore the Science and Art of Great Teams through the 6 Conditions podcast with show hosts Dr. Ruth Wageman and Dr. Krister Lowe. The show explores how the 6 Team Conditions framework--a leading, empirically validated and highly predictive framework based on the seminal work of Drs. Richard Hackman, Ruth Wagman and other teams scholars at Harvard University--helps team leaders, team members and team coaches/facilitators foster team effectiveness. The show unpacks the structural design conditions as well as the emergent process dynamics that drive great teams. Dr. Ruth Wageman is a leading scholar-practitioner in the area of team effectiveness and is the author of "Senior Leadership Teams: What It Takes To Make Them Great" and the Team Diagnostic Survey. Dr. Krister Lowe is a thought leader in the emerging profession of team coaching and is the former host of the Team Coaching Zone Podcast which developed a listenership in more than 137 countries around the world. Tune in for new episodes of the 6 Conditions podcast every two weeks! For show notes and more information go to: https://6teamconditions.com

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