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All Flame, with Andrew Arndt

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Andrew Arndt was the pastor of Bloom, a church plant in Denver (which he led with Michael Gungor) before coming to New Life as an associate pastor and the lead pastor at our most recent church campus, New Life East.

His new book, "All Flame: Entering into the Life of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit" releases Sept. 15 and is available for pre-order on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/All-Flame-Entering-Father-Spirit/dp/1641581514.

Imagine your heart catching flame like a burning bush in a desert. Imagine that flame coursing through your veins and infusing every cell in your body with eternal energy. Imagine the God who lit up the eyes of Mother Teresa, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Rich Mullins lighting up your life. Andrew Arndt reintroduces us to God in three Persons―Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You’ll discover how this God of the Bible is already in touch with your life, and that touch has the capacity to do great things for, in, and through you. Christianity will never be boring again. Most books that engage the life of the Trinity are written at an academic level, focusing on fine points of theological distinction. Andrew writes in a way that is both mystical and missional: The Father, Son, and Spirit are at work in you in unseen ways, and yet their work in you will emanate from you to transform the world for the better. This is an energizing take on a key concept of the faith.


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