You're Doing Great Sweetie! podcast

You're Doing Great Sweetie!

Melissa Mason & Josie Rozenberg-Clarke

Burnt out? Feel like you're juggling like an unhinged circus clown and dropping balls left, right and centre? SAME. You're Doing Great Sweetie is a podcast for anyone who feels like they've fallen off the train of life. Maybe you never remember to refill the Brita filter. Or you just re-read Twilight for the 14th time instead of that Book Club book. Life is hard, we try our best, and often we forget that it's not about being perfect or keeping up with everyone else.

We're here to tell you it's okay, we're in the same boat as you - and you're doing great, sweetie. Join us each week as we chat candidly about life, from the serious stuff to the stupid stuff.

Hosted by Melissa Mason & Josie Rozenberg-Clarke.

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