Your Superior Self podcast

Unlock Your True Potential: Master the Keys to Conscious Living with Integrative Therapist Pamela Brinker

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

join us as we sit down with Pamela Brinker, an integrative therapist, and coach who has helped countless individuals transform difficulties into foundations for strength and compassion. In this interview, Pamela shares her unique approach to living in the present moment, resetting under duress, and building resilience. Discover her "pillars of conscious bravery" and learn how to befriend all feelings, become more comfortable with discomfort, and anchor in healthy self-care. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and tools to help you or someone you love facing addiction or mental health challenges.

Pamela has worked as an integrative therapist and coach. Her transformative approach helps clients and attendees develop skills in living in the present moment, resetting under duress, adapting to change, facing the unknown, and building resilience. She is a committed mental health advocate, helping others transform difficulties into foundations for strength and compassion as they find gratitude, hope, and freedom in everyday living. For anyone who walks alongside someone struggling in the wilderness with addiction or mental health challenges, Pamela compassionately teaches her “pillars of conscious bravery”: befriending all feelings; becoming more comfortable with discomfort and overwhelm; breathing consciously; developing whole-being awareness; living from one’s essence; cultivating a “Now, there’s this” approach; asking for help; viewing fear as an advisor; anchoring in healthy self-care; protecting happiness, and living with vibrancy.

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