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Is LIFE a Video GAME? Woman Who Channels Entity Says YES! Level Up Now! Jessie Herman

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Dive into a mind-expanding conversation with Jessie Herman, also known as Jessicka or JP, a multifaceted individual embodying the roles of a life coach, Pranic energy healer, artist, and the channel for the non-physical entity group known as Vagrein. In this illuminating discussion, Jessie draws parallels between life and a video game, exploring the concept of different levels that mirror our unique journeys. As the creator of the GYST planner and the author of two channeled books with Vagrein, Jessie brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to the table. With expertise in coaching individuals through life's diverse challenges, from career transitions to spiritual pursuits, Jessie also serves as the conduit for Vagrein's esoteric messages, offering genuine guidance that consistently elevates those who seek it. Join us for an enriching dialogue that unveils profound insights, coaching expertise, and the esoteric side of Jessie's skillset, ultimately guiding you toward creating your dream life.

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