Your Superior Self podcast

Channeler TAKEN to the Light Returns with EXPLOSIVE Message from Ascended Masters! Genevieve Taeger

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Embark on a celestial journey of spiritual enlightenment in a captivating conversation with Genevieve Taeger, a gifted channeler with a unique ability to connect with female ascended masters. In this profound dialogue, Genevieve shares her extraordinary experiences of being taken into the light, providing a firsthand account of encounters with benevolent entities from higher realms. As she delves into the mystical realms of spiritual communication, Genevieve unveils the wisdom, compassion, and guidance imparted by female ascended masters. This transformative discussion opens a portal into the ethereal, offering viewers an opportunity to explore the profound insights and messages channeled through Genevieve from these enlightened beings. Join us as Genevieve Taeger paints a vivid tapestry of her spiritual odyssey, sharing the intricate details of her conversations with female ascended masters. From revelations about the nature of existence to guidance on navigating life's challenges, this conversation transcends the ordinary and beckons viewers to embrace a deeper understanding of the divine. Genevieve's unique ability to serve as a conduit for these enlightened entities provides a rare opportunity for those seeking spiritual growth and connection to glean profound insights from the higher realms. Don't miss this ethereal encounter that promises to expand your consciousness and illuminate the path to a more spiritually enriched existence.

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