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#1 Secret They DON"T Tell You About DEATH: Famous NDE'er REVEALS TRUTH! Mary Helen Hensley

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Join us for a captivating exploration of life, death, and the mysteries of the universe in our latest podcast episode featuring Dr. Mary Helen Hensley. As a renowned chiropractor, metaphysical healer, and international motivational speaker, Dr. Hensley brings a unique perspective shaped by her extraordinary near-death experience in 1991. Following a high-speed car collision, Dr. Hensley's encounter with the afterlife not only transformed her understanding of existence but also unveiled a profound insight: we choose our death experience. In this enlightening conversation, Dr. Hensley delves into her remarkable journey, sharing how her near-death experience unlocked a lifelong ability to communicate with spirits and foresee future events. However, it was the newfound gift of touching individuals, "reading their past," and facilitating healing that truly expanded her understanding of the human experience. Through her work, Dr. Hensley has discovered how past experiences shape our present reality, influencing our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Drawing from her trilogy "Promised By Heaven" and her latest book "Understanding Is The New Healing," Dr. Hensley invites listeners to explore the depths of faith and the intricate workings of the multi-faceted Multiverse. From Ireland, where she resides with her daughters Jemma Skye and Jada, Dr. Mary Helen Hensley continues to inspire audiences worldwide with her unwavering belief in the Divine plan and the transformative power of understanding. Tune in to this thought-provoking conversation as we uncover the profound wisdom and timeless truths that lie at the heart of Dr. Hensley's remarkable journey.

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