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This podcast for yogis, yoga teachers and wellness professionals provides cutting edge practical living and business wisdom for vibrant health combining ayurvedic philosophy, raw foods, wild edible plants, conscious business practices and practical tools for optimizing your healthcare and business for you and your modern yoga family. Progressive and informed from ancient evolutionary wisdom, Cate Stillman conducts expert in depth interviews with experts in yoga, ayurveda, conscious entrepreneurship, eating raw, living foods and progressive family living. This podcast is packed with Cate's passionate workshops, conversations and uber practical yoga classes that makes an impact on how you feel, what you do, what you think and talk about and ultimately how you show up in the world! Join the Yogahealer community at

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    Intermittent Fasting, Autophagy + Cell Health + Ayurveda


    In this podcast episode Cate Stillman breaks down the What, Where, When, Why, and How of intermittent fasting and autophagy.  It’s not only to lose weight, it’s also to be in autophagy.  In autophagy, we deeply digest so much more than food!  And as we digest more fully and at the cellular level, we feel more space to experience our best life.  Listen in to learn the ayurvedic approach to intermittent fasting and the best way to enter autophagy for your specific body type.
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    Why Americans Pay Too Much for Medical Care Exposed


    Choosing a career in medicine was once thought to be a "noble" vocation. But, in the United States, the healthcare business has devolved into a massive money-making scheme dominated by health insurance firms, pharmaceutical companies, lawyers, and corporate fatcats. For years, there has been widespread understanding that hospitals across the country use certain unusual and peculiar pricing practices. Most healthcare goods in the United States are both concealed and deceptive, and these deceptions are frequently utilized to exploit consumers.  Today, Dr. David Belk disentangles and exposes practically every fraud that occurs in medical billing, prescription medication pricing, and the health insurance sector in the United States. He explains what we need to know about this crucial knowledge, which is critical to comprehending why corporate profiteers must be eliminated from our system and why healthcare finance schemes must be exposed.
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    “Shivambu” or Urine Therapy with Brother Sage


    Is it healthy to drink urine? What are the risks and advantages of doing so? Many individuals are debating whether or not Urine Therapy is genuinely beneficial. Urine Therapy also includes healing from within for you to have a better living. By meditating, self-care, and calming your energy down, you'll have a more precise place or a new canvas that you can paint your new painting or create the next phase of your life. People who are firm in their urine treatment practice, who have unwavering faith, are attracting all of these people who have given up on the medical industry. But some of those who talk about urine therapy fail their clients because they don't address the four pillars of health: mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional. To level up and increase the quality of your life, you must purify your mind of all unconscious death stuff, self-destructive impulses, self-hatred, and everything else that is cruel and unloving to yourself. In this episode of the Yogahealer Podcast, Cate Stillman talks with Brother Sage about Shivambu and Urine Therapy. He will share the science behind it and why the centuries-old practice works.
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    Urine Therapy: The Miracle Drug That No One Has Told You About


    What do you think of urine therapy to detoxify toxins out of your body? Before saying, “That’s so weird and gross!”, have an open mind and learn how our guest, Darlene Teahen, explained the benefits one can get through urine therapy.  The “disgusting” thoughts born from the idea of utilizing urine therapy sprouted from our upbringing. When you were a child, your parents would make funny faces upon seeing your poop or when you urinated your underwear. That continued until we reached adulthood, and we now associate the word ‘urine’ with dirty. But since antiquity, Vedic practitioners have been drinking urine. And it worked for them! Now in the modern era, what if I tell you that urine can be another source of stem cells? Or urine therapy is your gateway to accessing “life vibration”, achieve inner peace and harmony, and form a deeper connection with yourself? From injecting to nebulizing urine, listen to this fascinating episode as Darlene Teahen delves into her thesis, “Culture Plasma Ultrafiltrate as Therapy in the role of involved vitals for stronger immunity and lifeforce.”   What you’ll get out of tuning in: What is Urine Therapy Plant Medicine - specifically Ayahuasca Energy Medicine Sound Frequency Healing How urine therapy helps you connect with the “life vibration” and find a deeper connection within yourself. Why it’s perfectly fine to use your own urine as a source of stem cells rather than acquiring it from others. How early childhood conditioning affects a person’s perception of feces or urine being associated with “dirtiness”. How urine therapy detoxes “toxins” out of the body and why anxieties, nausea, pain, etc. are toxins being expelled. Why urine therapy is frowned upon and not thoroughly explored by holistic practitioners due to the fear of rejection from society and culture. Links: The Water Of Life: A Treatise on Urine Therapy - John W Armstrong Show Highlights: Cate tells her experience listening to The Water of Life by John Armstrong Cate shares why it’s challenging to explain the concept of meditation in Western practice than Eastern practice Cate expresses her curiosity about nebulizing urine and its detoxifying prowess Timestamps: 15:18 - 17:31 (Cultured urine and how the body absorbs the essence) 25:28 - 26:28 (Talking about how early childhood conditioning affected a person’s perception on urine therapy) 33:15 - 34:38 (Thoughts on nebulizing urine) Quotes: “The Dharma Tantra, an ancient era Vedic text, said that urine therapy has historic roots in Egypt, China, India, and Europe in the Middle Ages. They’ve all done it, it’s over 3000 years old, and yet we are just waking up to it.” -- [Darlene] “I'm grounded. It's that peace and love you've never felt before. I'm working on the chakras and pulling things up. And it's so much easier now to feel what is going on because I can connect at that subtle level.” -- [Darlene] “To me, this is our future where medicine is going. And we can all produce individualized medicines for ourselves by ourselves.” -- [Darlene] “One of the disadvantages of the one-on-one practitioner-patient or client relationship is that there's not a community of people who are evolving together.” -- [Cate]    
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    Storytelling, Rewilding, and the Power of Funerals


    Have you ever had a story that needed to be told and heard? We at Yogahealer believe experiencing certain stories can be very special, something happens when you tell it genuinely. Our brain and the nervous system evolved in response to a story deeply embedded in the structure of our psyche, including the structure of our nervous system. So there appears to be an intense desire for narrative in humans. In this episode of Yogahealer Podcast, our host Cate Stillman talks about Rewilding, Conversing Stories with other People, and the Power of Funerals. Cate has guided a global online triad to thrive in their bodies while achieving their life goals through innovative yoga and Ayurvedic teachings since 2001.  What you’ll get out of tuning in: What is Ayurveda? How to tell Stories Why Stories are meant to be shared How Older and Younger People tell stories What Rewilding is Show Highlights: Cate shares how she overcame the Barriers of Storytelling The difference of sharing stories between with Younger and Older People How the Power of Funerals is shaping Cate’s future Storytelling Cate talks about the practice of Rewilding Timestamps: [3:39] Cate’s Breaking Point [4:58] Stories that needed to be told [7:51] Rewilding Human Beings [9:00] Urine Therapy [11:25] Rewilding with Serviceberries [13:53] A Conversation with a 15-Year-Old Girl [16:41] The Power of the Pause [17:37] What is Ayurveda? [18:30] What happens in Stories [19:43] Absorbing the Energy of Nature [21:48] Getting Comfortable with a Familial Atmosphere [23:28] Storytelling with Elders [25:52] The Power of Practice Quotes: “Health is your birthright and that there's a lot more free solutions to thriving in your body and in your lives than you might have.” “There's often a sense of the story that needs to be told. And when we tell it, authentically something lands. “You can't be separate from your ecosystem and your ecosystem can't be separate from you.” “A lot of what happens with stories is that we're taking someone on a journey with us.” “The more we tell stories, the better we get at storytelling.” Guest Bio: Cate Stillman is the Founder of She completed her Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training and has been certified as an Ayurvedic Practitioner since 2001. She then established in 2001 and Yoga Health Coaching in 2012 for wellness professionals. Her books include Body Thrive, released by Sounds True in 2019, and Master of YOU in March 2020. She is a leader and author in the field of Ayurveda, Peak Performance, Habit Evolution and Dharma. Cate is also a global online community leader at Yogahealer with her podcast – The Yogahealer Show, which has 2M+ downloads, and a newsletter that reaches 50k+ people. She helps Yoga teachers and Wellness Professionals to learn how to: Accelerate the wellness path of their yoga students. Shift into a business model that enables them to earn for today and their retirement. Integrate Ayurveda, Habit change science, and evolutionary group dynamics to get twice the results for their clients in half the time.
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    Urine Therapy and Ayurveda Workshop with Cate Stillman


    Human urine is treated as a source of disgust, whereas cow urine is considered alternative medicine. Science has proven that there is less or no difference in between cow and human urine, which makes it evenly healthy for human body. Cate Stillman has enlightened upon the core depth of human urine and its benefits for health. She says that there might be no necessity of consuming pharmaceutical medicines on priority, when you can heal what you have within. She explains in-depth about the upcycling of pee, and utilizing it as a health drink. She elaborates upon the ways you can use or consume it, for better perks to your body. In the path of elaborating the process of pee upcycling, she also breaks down the composition of urine and plasma, that made the entire plot more understandable. With this podcast, she intended to give clarity to people about the health outcomes of self-urine, and make them believe that it is not disgusting. Cate focuses on explaining the detoxification and healing properties of urine therapy, and gives practical insights about how it is being adapted across select countries in the world. She recites examples of people consuming cow and human urine to upcycle their body functions. Apart from that, she shares a graphical representation on how to start a day with your urine therapy. This podcast is for people who intend to know their body better. Showing the feeling of disgust upon hearing about consuming your urine is natural, but believe it or not, this podcast is going to make you think twice upon your thoughts about urine. What you’ll get out of tuning in: What is the importance of water and water cycle? What is life on Earth? How is pee turning into pharmaceuticals? What is a water cycle? What is a compost cycle? What is upcycling in the pee? What every 4-year-old person should know about pee? How can pee upcycling help reverse certain health issues? What is the composition of human urine? What kind of water is in the pee? What is the breakdown of Ultra Plasma Filtrate? What is the composition of Plasma? How do pregnancy tests work? What are the things that are considered taboo but are good? How to age your pee? What is the morning routine with urine therapy? What are the ways to use your pee in the right medicinal manner? What is the difference between cow urine and human urine? What is a feedback loop? How to do a Pee Enema? What are the terms of endearment for urine therapy?   Links Mentioned in Episode: Cate Stillman has completed over 500 podcasts in the past 10 years. She is deciding upon pausing on the weekly release, and has decided upon releasing in series. She requests the viewers to explore all of the interactive content. And, this is supposedly the final weekly release, as Pee Podcast, after which you can expect series-wise releases. If you are part of the course and want the ‘Pee Book’, and want to share about your pee upcycling results, email to or Yogahealer is putting up a challenge for people who want to be in the community, and the URL for the same is, Break the stereotype and disgust mindset towards human urine, and walk on the path of self-healing by consuming your pee. Step into the urine therapy today! Show Highlights: Cate talks about taking a break from podcasting. Cate shows the first-ever photo of Earth taken from the Moon. Cate talks about her new ‘Pee Book’. Cate shares a story of Ancient India, 5000 years ago, with characters Shiva & Parvati. Cate talks about one of the Buddha’s quotes on urine. Cate talks about the discovery of bacteria's goodness in 1960. Cate shares the importance of Ahara Rasa. Cate shares a story about her knee condition. Cate curiously talks about the taste of urine. Cate shares a story of a Chinese guy who was stuck on a raft for 4 months. Cate shares about her journey of 2.5 months into this Urine Therapy. Cate talks about cow urine being used as supplements. Cate shares her pee massage story at a hotel during a gymnastics meet. Cate shares a post about Indian Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar’s habit of drinking cow urine. Cate talks about the popularity of Urine Therapy in China. Cate talks about the ancient pee massage for babies, 2000 years ago. Cate talks about her backpacking trip to the Great Wall of China, on her college days. Cate addresses urine therapy as ‘Mother of Ayurveda’. Timestamps: What pee actually is? 11:08 to 12:58 What is epigenetics? 22:08 to 23:01 Composition of Urine- 24:38 to 25:00 Urine is Ultra Plasma Filtrate- 25:15 to 28:23 Composition of Blood Plasma- 30:39 to 30:54 Other ingredients in Human Urine- 32:25 to 33:25 What Plasma looks like? 46:09 to 46:33 Aging your pee- 47:28 to 47:47 Ways of using your Pee in Morning Routine- 47:50 to 49:41 Cow Urine granted US Patents- 57:56 to 58:22 Pee as an alternative to different necessities- 1:00:50 to 1:03:10 Terms of Endearment- 1:12:39 to 1:13:30 Quotes: Life is Sustained by Water! Anyone for free, can tap into peak performance. And, when you do that, Life gets Easier! Cate talks about the Membership Community at Your Inner Ecology is Reflection of the Cycle! Urine is not Sterile, its Probiotic!
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    Rethinking Money, Time and Stuff: An intergenerational conversation


    Cate & Indy’s podcast elaborates on performance pay, entrepreneurship and employee mindset. It emphasizes on the concept of “Adding Value to Time” and making it more meaningful while pursuing the goals of life. People generally put a lot of time and effort into earning money; however, in the pursuit of that, they forget to add value!      This podcast explains the idea of supporting various  goals of life with effort and value. It explains that if you cannot utilize your time to justify the goals you are chasing, then you are probably just wasting it. In this podcast, Cate is in conversation with her daughter Indy, who is now trying to fit into her mother’s shoes. She seems to be well-educated about her mother’s profession, and shares a good amount of knowledge on the discussed topics. In this conversation, they have discussed a brilliant concept which can be highly beneficial to people confused about their mental-halt in the path of success. In addition to that, Cate also talks about utilizing time & effort to achieve higher goals which can also be buying expensive stuff that makes someone happy. She gives several examples from her life to explain this better. It stresses on the significance of completing one's tasks within optimized time, rather than focusing on just passing the working hours. Justifying the salary should not be the mission anymore. The mission should be to evolve skills to decide one's own pay structure. And, that is what this podcast is all about! What you’ll get out of tuning in: Adding Value to Utilization of Time Decide your own Pay-structure Utilization of Time & Money to Buy Stuff. Comparing Work with Sports & Athletics. Show Highlights: Cate shares a story about making value purchases as per earnings. Cate & Indy share examples on utilizing time to reach a goal. Indy shares her part in reaching the goal of $1000. Cate recalls asking Indy to keyword video on Vimeo. Cate talks about designing new T-shirts with plant graphics. Timestamps: Performance based pay and Survey Idea - 1:24 to 1:50 Adding Value to Time - 2:32 to 3:00 Talking About Stuff - 5:43 to 6:29 Quotes: Adding Value to Time, Puts you in the Seat of Creator Know What Stuff is Worth your Time You Get the Next Skills! You Get the Next Level! You Earn More Money With High Performance Pay, Buying Stuff is Not an Issue.
  • Yogahealer Podcast podcast

    How to Activate Your Intuition


    This podcast by Cate Stillman highlights the focus towards evolving the perspective of people. People should consider taking care of their health, but should not omit the habit of learning how to optimize their thinking in a way that goes well with their behavior. She elaborates that people should act out their intuition in real-time. She gave an instance of working on intuition like a flash of shutter speed. It meant that people should not keep second thoughts upon their intuitions and act upon it right away! What you’ll get out of tuning in: How to evolve one’s Perspective? How to think in a way that optimizes your behavior? Links Mentioned in Episode: Allergy Relief Course Have a free Conversation Show Highlights: Cate tells a story of her mountain bike ride. Cate tells a story about her daughter. Timestamps:  Osteoporosis & Neurotherapy- 0:25  How to Think?- 0:56 Quotes:  “Learn How to Think that Optimizes your Behavior”  
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    Edible Wild Plants and Ayurveda: Discover the Medicinal Plants Outside Your Door


    Wild plants taste wild. My favorite edible invasive weed, as many of you know, is Thistle. Wild edible plants grow in your ecosystem. What is the connection between edible plants, your immune system and allergies? Listen to this podcast - to get the health, nutritional and medicinal benefits of wild edible plants. When you connect to wild plants the inner ecosystem of your body and your outer ecosystem reintegrate. You rewild yourself. As a result - you are smarter, have more energy, and a larger sphere of care.  Wild plants are life. Their life force is 10x that which is in the grocery store.  So, know about them and consume them for availing your health benefits.  What you’ll get out of tuning in: How to start identifying plants How to use the six tastes of Ayurveda How to rewild your body Links Mentioned in Episode: Foraging and Feasting Book The Wild Wisdom of Weeds Book Thistle Juice Recipe Allergy Relief Course Have a free Conversation Show Highlights: What you get out of chlorophyll The nutritional value of Dandelions Purslane and Omega 3 fatty acids
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    Meditation: Rituals and Habits of Your Future Self


    Say you want to meditate. Say you want more sleep. Say you want to slim down by extending your fasting time. The habits of the person you want to become next… those habits you can make your reality more quickly if you know how to do exactly what I walk you through in this meditation. For strict meditators… this isn’t really a meditation. Technically, it’s an inquiry practice. A practice where you ask yourself a question. Then you listen. Then you stabilize the answer in your cells. The yogis knew about this forever. It’s very effective. When you mix inquiry practice with mental rehearsal, or visualization, stepping into new habits is easy. Resistance is digested by the practice. With this meditation  - if you do it a few times a week - you’ll notice you accelerate your life. You design who want to become next with ease… and with precision. What you’ll get out of tuning in: How to meditate on the habits of your future self How your habits change your biochemistry How to attract a higher vibrational frequency Links Mentioned in Episode: Stop having allergies! Meditation: Self-Medicating With The 5 Elements Of Ayurveda Yes, And Meditation A Meditation Practice: Five Bodies (Koshas) Check-In Show Highlights: Measuring your habit success Feeling your toxic expiring pattern Acknowledging your intuition Timestamps: 1:39 Defining success and your most important habit 5:12 Meditation for your rituals and habits of your future self

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