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Angelica Faber: Women In Technology Interview 2022 | Getting Into Cybersecurity

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In today's episode, I'm chatting with the incredible Angelica Faber, Prin Cloud Solution Architect - Security, about all things security and identity. Angelica shared so much career insight and advice for you, so stay locked in!

The term "women in tech" can be defined as an individual who is a woman, who has a job in the technology industry. There are many careers for women in tech. The most popular ones are software engineers, computer scientists, and computer programmer. Women in tech have been a subject of debate for many years. There are some who believe that women should not be in tech at all, while there are also those who think that they are just as capable as men. Today, we are discussing the different careers for women in tech and how being a woman in this industry is like.

A career in technology is an excellent choice for many women, especially Cyber Security. What does it mean to be a woman in tech? Women are often underrepresented or misrepresented within the industry and this has led to them being seen as outsiders or outsiders. It is important to know that you can still be successful despite these challenges.

Women in tech are often the minority in their field and face various challenges. They are often the only woman in a meeting or at a conference. They are usually the only woman on their team or one of the few women on their team. Women in technology is not just about being a woman in coding but also being an advocate for diversity and inclusion within the industry.

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The first challenge that women face is that they have to prove themselves more than men do to be taken seriously as an engineer, programmer, or other technical worker. The second challenge is that they have to constantly prove themselves to be competent while men don't have to do this because they're assumed competent by default. The third challenge is that there's still a lot of unconscious bias.

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