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Pinterest Forum: Motivating Gen Z Inside and Out

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Motivating Gen Z within your organization or externally as your consumers can be puzzling, but it’s not impossible. This is one of the most interesting, dynamic and inspirational generations, and marketers need to not only know how to connect with them as consumers, but also work with them. So we invited six incredible speakers to our Forum hosted at Pinterest HQ with a unique points of view: 

  • Andréa Mallard, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Pinterest 
  • Barbara Messing, Chief Marketing and People Officer at Roblox 
  • Rachel Delphin, CMO at Twitch 
  • Steven Tristan Young, CMO at Poshmark 
  • Dylan Gambardella, Co-founder and CEO at Next Gen HQ 
  • Ziad Ahmed, CEO at JUV Consulting 


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