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How Vans and Roblox CMOs are Shredding through the Metaverse

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Do brands have a place in the metaverse? On our first episode of Season 2 of MTM Visionaries of 2023, we hosted Barbara Messing, Chief Marketing & People Experience Officer at Roblox, and Kristin Harrer, Global CMO at Vans. They share about their thriving partnership and why they are seeing massive success. In our conversation, they discussed the value of metaverse, choosing the right partners, knowing your customer, measuring success, and the power of living your brand in new, exciting lanes.


The Visionaries Podcast is recorded from MTM’s Live Visionaries show on Zoom and hosted by Lisa Hufford, Founder of Simplicity Consulting, a 24 Seven Company. It airs monthly.


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