Vaudeville For The Frightened podcast

Vaudeville For The Frightened


Ian Punnett's Vaudeville for the Frightened explores the darker forces that motivate us: superstition, fear, and jealousy. It’s a podcasting original.

About Ian Punnett:  After three decades in multi-platform, commercial content creation for national brands such as iHeartMedia, Hubbard Broadcasting, and Random House, Ian Punnett completed his Ph.D. in Journalism and Mass Communication from Arizona State University by turning his doctoral dissertation into two books: Toward A Theory of True Crime (2018) from Routledge and the trade book, A Black Night for the Bluegrass Belle (2017). After joining the faculty of the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Kansas State University as a professor of practice and chief operator of KSDB-FM, Punnett co-edited and wrote Moving Sounds: A Cultural History of Car Radio (2019) from Peter Lang Publishing and two chapters for Praeger’s Religion and Technology Series: How Religions are Embracing Virtual Media, Social Networks, and Mobile Devices (Vol. II) (2019). In addition, Punnett has co-produced television productions seen on PBS’ Great Performances, and continues to write and perform in national podcasts and the 600-station syndicated Coast to Coast AM.

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