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Right Relationships Alignment

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Relationships, like money, can be used for evil or good.

We think that we decide the kind of people we interact with, but many times, relationships, people, how they react to us, and what motives they have, we are not able to control.

It is the greatest folly when we do not pray to God carefully concerning our relationships. There are earthy relationships where humans decide based on their tastes and preferences, and then there are divinely appointed relationships.

Divinely appointed relationships are just at another level!

Who desires to have God appointed relationships in your choice of a life partner, church, friends, colleagues, boss, business partner?

Destiny helpers allow us to scale, to maximize our potential, give back to the community and live God directed fulfilling lives. Without them, it would be very difficult for you to fulfil your destiny in God. With the presence of destiny helpers, you reaching for God’s goals will be smoother and easier!

Pray earnestly for your divine relationships not to be encumbered by our adversary, but to be established with you in 2023!


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