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038: A Quick Guide to Homeschooling With Chelsea Roberts

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Homeschool, especially since the pandemic, is becoming more and more common for many reasons—and the Montessori method is making its way into more homes than ever. As education continues to evolve, Montessori schools are offering homeschool programs that serve as a support for families who have shifted out of traditional schooling.

In today’s episode, I’m talking to Chelsea Roberts, program manager at Guidepost Montessori Homeschool. She’s sharing how families are implementing Montessori practices into their homeschooling, the importance of setting big goals (and also remembering to have fun), and how she supports homeschooling families.

What’s in this episode:

The easiest and hardest aspects of Montessori for parents to implement in the homeschool environment

What it’s like for Chelsea to collaborate with homeschool parents as a support to them, and how she helps parents achieve their goals for their children

How setting family-specific goals can help you stay focused when you have moments of feeling like you’re not doing “enough”

Ways parents can motivate their children and spark interest in what they’re learning

How long it takes for new homeschool parents to feel confident implementing basic Montessori principles

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Guidepost Montessori Homeschool

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