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037: A Journey to Virtual Montessori Homeschooling with Christine Sithichai

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

The future of education is constantly shifting. Hybrid models that split the students' time between the Montessori classroom and homeschooling are giving way to entirely virtual homeschooling models utilizing the Montessori method.

In today’s episode, I’m talking with 20-year veteran Montessori teacher Christine Sithichai. She’s sharing her experience as a teacher in the Montessori Voyage program at Springs Charter Schools. She’s talking about what it was like shifting from brick-and-mortar to virtual teaching, how she keeps students engaged virtually, and the skills that she prioritizes to instill in her young students as they prepare to enter the elementary classroom.

What’s in this episode:

How Christine’s experience as a Montessori student helped shape her decision to become a Montessori teacher

Christine’s journey from a brick-and-mortar Montessori school with a homeschool component to teaching in a homeschool virtual setting

How approaching engagement is different in distance learning, and what it’s like to support parents virtually

The skills Christine believes are essential for students before entering first grade, and what she provides to those students ahead of entering their elementary years (especially writing, reading, and social skills)

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