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027: The Pencil Problem

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

The pencil problem is a common one in the Montessori elementary classroom. Communal or personal? Same brand or variety? What is the system for using them throughout the day? It can easily get complicated and result in frustrations for both the teacher and the children.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing the importance of determining a simple approach to pencil use in the classroom. Care for classroom materials is important, but so is understanding that they’re going to get used … and lost and broken. The key is shifting your thoughts about how they are used and how to avoid it being a point of shame for the children.

What’s in this episode:

Determining whether pencils will be personal or communal

Strategies for keeping track of both personal and communal pencils

Benefits of communal classroom pencils

Why techniques involving shame and guilt don’t work

Three important things to consider when choosing a pencils strategy

How shifting your mindset can help with classroom systems

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Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Britt Hawthorne’s Instagram (communal pencil management system)

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