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The Whirl Girls

From whiskey to astrology, crafting to spelling bees, we will not stop until we’ve given it all a whirl. The limit does not exist. Join us weekly for #WhirlGirlWednesdays! xo, The Whirl Girls Roxy Striar (@roxystriar), Dorina Arellano (@evildorina) & Steph Sabraw (@StephSabraw)

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  • The Whirl Girls podcast

    Ask Us Anything


    It's time for Ask Us Anything! It's an open forum for any questions ranging from career advice to why does cilantro taste like poop. The only limit is your imagination. Send away: PATREON: MERCH:
  • The Whirl Girls podcast

    Dune + Best Sci fi Movies


    Dune is one of the freshest movies to come out in 2021 with a score of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, but what do the Whirl Girls think? How spicy was Frank Herbert's adaptation? We'll be talking about Dune and discussing some of the best sci-fi movies. What did you think of Denis Villeneuve's new film? What are your favorite sci-fi movies? PATREON: MERCH:
  • The Whirl Girls podcast

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  • The Whirl Girls podcast

    Horror Table Read


    Lights, Camera, Action! The Whirl Girls are here to perform scenes from various Halloween movies!  PATREON: MERCH:
  • The Whirl Girls podcast

    Halloween Kills Review + Best Movie Deaths


    The Whirl Girls survived Halloween Kills! Dorina being John Carpenter's biggest fan is here to whine about it. We must also pay our respects to the poor (some actually very stupid) victims who got axed, chopped, gutted, and diced into pieces by discussing the best movie kills & deaths in movie history. What did you think of Halloween Kills? What are the best movie kills & deaths? PATREON: MERCH:
  • The Whirl Girls podcast

    2021 MTV Video Music Awards + Best Music Videos Ever


    It's time for the VMAs and we're breaking down the nominees and music videos we've grown up loving. Personally, we're still living off the WAP & Montereo music videos, but who's going to win video of the year? What nominees are you rooting for? PATREON: MERCH:
  • The Whirl Girls podcast

    Rosh Hashanah


  • The Whirl Girls podcast

    Shang-Chi & Best Movies of 2021


    Finally, time to get back into the theaters 🍿 Shang-Chi is ringing in hot this week. While we’re at it let’s whirl down memory lane and talk about some of the best movies of 2021. What are your thoughts? PATREON: MERCH:
  • The Whirl Girls podcast

    Are The Whirl Girls Smarter Than a 5th Grader?


    Probably not! Send in your questions, opinions, concerns to PATREON: MERCH:
  • The Whirl Girls podcast

    Candyman Review + Our Favorite Sequels


    Candyman, Candyman... Steph didn't let Dorina finish. Did you watch the new Candyman? What are your favorite sequels? PATREON: MERCH:
  • The Whirl Girls podcast

    Ask Us Anything-Favorite Philosophers, Female CEOs & Mario Kart Weapons


    It's that time of the month again to ask us literally anything. Plus, we're welcoming Roxy back! PATREON: MERCH:

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