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Hotel California, a compilation of short stories from today's best authors

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15 Sekunden vorwärts
Today's 93rd episode of The Thriller Zone is special and slightly off the beaten path. I say this because today we will meet a total of not one, but EIGHT of the world's best mystery & thriller writers. Visiting us today is Andrew Child, Don Bruns, John Gilstrap, Reed Farrel Coleman, Heather Graham, Amanda Flower, Rick Bleiweiss, and Jennifer Graeser Dornbush. Their mystery-thriller short story compilation is themed around one of the most popular bands of all times, and one of their most popular records. The band: The Eagles. The record: Hotel California. Their stories are entitled, in order of the authors just listed, as follows: New Kid in Town, Life in the Fast Lane, Wasted Time, Victim of Love, Pretty Maids all in a Row, Try and Love Again, The Last Resort, and Hotel California. Today's episode is one of the highlights of this show's year. Why? Where else can you get so much talent in one place at one time? They are each amazing talents, with a bevy of books and series to their credit. And perhaps my favorite parts? They're some of the nicest, most approachable people you'll ever meet. And the insights into the writing business? Profound. So, kick back, get comfortable, perhaps even pour yourself a tasty beverage, and get ready to enjoy an hour of lively conversation, terrific insights, and plenty of laughs all around. For more information on the book, visit: (, where you can purchase the book or audiobook on Amazon. To learn more about our authors, visit: ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( As always, you can find us at: ( and ( Follow us on both Twitter & Instagram @thethrillerzone Thanks for listening, and be sure to LIKE, RETWEET & SUBSCRIBE! Your host, David Temple ( & ( Mentioned in this episode: AuthorBytes Top 3 Reasons Here are the Top 3 Reasons to choose to build your author website. Warwicks - HotelCA - 9.08 Warwick's Bookstores are simply the best. With "Classic Customer Service" you won't find many other places quite like Warwicks, where your shopping needs are their number one priority.

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