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  • The Third Web podcast

    Understanding ICP Staking and Neurons in Simple English w/ John & Diego


    Principal Engineer, John Wiegley joins Diego Pratts in this episode to reduce the practice of staking ICP to common English. We discuss ICP economics, burning & staking, the importance of governance on the IC and a whole lot more along the way. John Wiegley's community conversation on the subject can be found here:
  • The Third Web podcast

    The Third Web #18 - Concordium


    Concordium is a "compliant by design" open proof of stake blockchain that has achieved fame among Rust developers as a friendly place to develop. Community representative Beni Issembert Joins to discuss the origins and ambitions of the project.
  • The Third Web podcast

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  • The Third Web podcast

    What Does it mean to be "Web Speed" with Manu & Diego


    "Web" can be used as a performance descriptor to represent the expectations of contemporary users. Does the IC achieve this? Where does it hit and where does it miss. In this episode, we explore the nuance of this term and gain a deeper grasp of the Internet Computer as a product.
  • The Third Web podcast

    ICDevs & the Drive Toward Community Developed Infrastructure


    The Internet Computer requires a large amount of tooling to support web & enterprise developers. Austin Fatheree believes that should be developed by the community. Grants are already active for significant tooling, creating an independent alternative to the DFINITY Developer Grants program.
  • The Third Web podcast

    Today New York, Tomorrow, the World


    Andrew and Evan of The Internet Computer Report join to discuss the state of the community, events in New York, and global opportunities for IC-based products.
  • The Third Web podcast

    OpenChat Deep Dive


    From the early days of entrepreneurship to the deep inner workings of the Internet Computer, Matt Grogan discusses his history working with Dominic Williams. We then deep dive on OpenChat, application design patterns, and the SNS.
  • The Third Web podcast

    Decentralised Frontends, Upgrading Canisters, & the Mysteries of Boundary Nodes


    Community Manager Moritz Fuller explains his decision to build a Liquity front end on the Internet Computer. From here we discuss the challenges of hosting DeFi products on the IC, upgrading canisters, and the mysterious role of boundary nodes. Waterslide Announcement:
  • The Third Web podcast

    The No Code Revolution Comes to the IC with ICME


    The Internet Computer native website builder, ICME, is the brainchild of Houman Shadab & Wyatt Benno, a lawyer/no code enthusiast and startup builder respectively. The website builder is the first step on their path to democratise application building on the IC.
  • The Third Web podcast

    Toniq Labs NFT Art Deep Dive


    Bob Bodily, Chief Product Officer of Toniq Labs dives deep on NFTs and Toniq Labs' plans to expand their offerings.
  • The Third Web podcast

    Knowledge Blast: Inter-Subnet Communication, the DKG, and Chainkey


    Manu Drijvers drops a knowledge bomb in this session, answering your questions about the inner workings of the IC.

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