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Three Practical Ways to Develop High Converting Reps | Dayna Williams - 1788

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What's the secret to improving your sales team's performance? 

How can leaders create high-converting sales representatives?

You want the answer to these questions, don't you? To find out, tune in to this episode of "The Sales Evangelist Podcast."

Host Donald Kelly chats with special guest Dayna Williams about the secret tactics for developing highly converting sales reps. With over two decades of experience in sales training and enablement, Dayna shares valuable insights and unpacks how to steer your sales team toward success. 

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Meet Our Guest: Dayna Williams

  • Dayna brings 20 years of experience as a white-label consultant for top provider firms in the sales training and enablement sector. 

  • Her vast exposure to heads of sales, sales managers, co-founders, and CEOs has given her a unique perspective on widespread issues in the industry. 

  • Through her book, "The Diligence Fix," Dayna encapsulates the universal pain points of sales organizations and offers a top-down solution regardless of industry or organization size.

Key Strategies for Sales Development

  • 1. Simplify and Visualize the Go-to-Market Strategy

    • The clarity of a sales team’s go-to-market strategy is crucial. Dayna discusses the importance of simplifying this strategy so that everyone from C-suite to front-line sales reps can express the company's approach articulately. A harmonious understanding of the go-to-market strategy across the board is the starting point for cultivating high-converting reps.

  • 2. Create a Senior Leadership Communication Campaign

    • Dayna proposes a regular, intentional communication campaign led by senior leadership to combat the natural loss of information over time. She suggests distilling the critical points from large-scale presentations and consistently reinforcing them throughout the year. This focus ensures key strategic messages are not lost after kick-off events but instead embedded into the organization's culture.

  • 3. Adopt an Integrated Approach to Training

    • Dayna challenges the traditional linear, role-based training method using an integrated approach. This method incorporates skills and knowledge across different levels, preparing sales reps for their current roles and future positions. For example, combining consultative selling training with leadership skills like giving and receiving feedback nurtures a rep's ability to grow within the company.

Concluding Takeaways

  • Dayna emphasizes looking beyond traditional training programs to develop sales reps effectively. 

  • Leaders must utilize various touchpoints for conveying information and changing behaviors, aligning them closer to how humans naturally develop habits and retain knowledge.

Sales leaders struggling to help their team meet their goals will love Dayna's wisdom in this episode. Equip yourself with the secrets Dayna Williams has spent 20 years perfecting, condensed into one powerful episode.

Listen now to transform your sales force into the high-converting powerhouse you know it can be. Your journey to sales excellence is just a play button away!

"Unless you're really intentional, at the event of calling out the three to four things you want people to walk away with, the only thing they remember when they get home is what type of drink they had at the bar." - Dayna Williams. 


“The Diligence Fix” by Dayna Williams

The Diligence Fix

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