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My One-Page Business Case To Win Executive Buyin | Andrew Kappel - 1793

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Are you ready to revolutionize your sales strategy and close deals faster than ever? In our latest episode, we dive into the innovative world of sales acceleration with Andrew Kappel, a seasoned sales consultant with a knack for transforming sales strategies from the ground up. 

Join us as Donald Kelly, our host, explores Andrew’s approach to crafting compelling one-page business cases that speak directly to executive needs, streamline the sales process, and drastically improve client engagement. Click play now!

Andrew Kappel’s Background

  • He has a decade of experience in sales consulting and specializes in sales strategy and sales acceleration services. 
  • Before establishing his consulting practice, Andrew spent three years as a delivery consultant, and his duties paralleled those of a customer success team, only without a tangible product. 
  • Andrew's extensive background in various sales environments has equipped him with a keen understanding of different industries, sales processes, and the intricate dynamics of complex deals.

Creating Impactful Business Cases

  • Business case development is crucial for securing executive buy-in and facilitating successful internal selling strategies
  • Listen to Andrew’s expertise in developing a brief yet powerful business case that centers on the SP 30 framework.
  • From listening to this business case framework, sellers can create successful sales pitches through situational awareness, problem identification, and strategic stakeholder engagement.

Leveraging Technology and Consulting Expertise

  • Andrew discusses how his consulting services integrate technology solutions to address specific sales pain points.
  • Thanks to his background in enterprise data security and customer success, Andrew understands the importance of adapting sales approaches to fit transactional businesses and complex sales environments.
  • Learn how change management is vital in seamlessly integrating CRM systems and other technologies to enhance business processes.

Cold Outbound Prospecting and Effective Communication

  • Are you looking for some successful cold outbound prospecting techniques? 
  • Listen to Andrew’s cold outreach strategy for more fruitful conversations with potential clients.
  • His strategy blends empathy, precise communication, and visual communication in sales to enhance the effectiveness of a sales pitch. 
  • Turn in to discover how these elements lead to better business trust-building with customers. 

Strategy for Business Growth

  • Hear Andrew’s business growth strategies that can help companies scale efficiently while managing challenges effectively.
  • He illustrates how tailored sales acceleration services can dramatically impact growth trajectories, especially with solid sales strategy planning.

In this episode, you’ll uncover the pivotal role of concise, impactful business cases, and how they can magnetically draw in executive attention and approval. Join us in this compelling conversation to elevate your sales game by understanding and implementing refined sales strategies that guarantee results. 

"You must build trust, rapport, and acumen with the person you work with." - Andrew Kappel.


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The 3-Part Business Case Framework

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