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Exploring the New Features of Python 3.10

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15 Sekunden vorwärts
Python 3.10 is here! This week on the show, two former guests and Real Python authors return to talk about the new version. Geir Arne Hjelle's article was posted to the site Monday, and it's titled "Python 3.10: Cool New Features for You to Try". Christopher Trudeau's video course came out on Tuesday, and it covers the topics from the article with multiple visual examples of Python 3.10 code.

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  • The Real Python Podcast podcast

    What Is a JIT and How Can Pyjion Speed Up Your Python?


    How can you can speed up Python? Have you thought of using a JIT (Just-In-Time Compiler)? This week on the show, we have Real Python author and previous guest Anthony Shaw to talk about his project Pyjion, a drop-in JIT compiler for CPython 3.10.
  • The Real Python Podcast podcast

    Designing for Users and Building a Social Network With Django


    Are you looking for a project to practice your Django skills? Designing the fundamental interactions of a social network is an instructive way to explore models and relationships while learning advanced Django skills. This week on the show, we talk with previous guest Martin Breuss about his new four-part series, "Build a Social Network With Django".
  • The Real Python Podcast podcast

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  • The Real Python Podcast podcast

    Launching Python, Virtual Environments, and Locking Dependencies With Brett Cannon


    Would you like a simple command to launch your Python programs using the newest version of the language installed on your machine? This week on the show, we continue our conversation with Brett Cannon. Brett discusses his project, the Python Launcher for Unix.
  • The Real Python Podcast podcast

    Continuing to Unravel Python's Syntactic Sugar With Brett Cannon


    A year ago, we had Brett Cannon on the show to discuss his blog series about unravelling Python's syntactic sugar. Brett has written 15 more entries in the series, and he returns to the show this week to continue our conversation. We dive into unravelling 'async' and 'await' statements and their relationship with Python's generators.
  • The Real Python Podcast podcast

    2021 Real Python Articles Wrap Up


    It's been a year of change at Real Python! The Real Python team has written, edited, curated, illustrated, and produced a mountain of Python articles this year. We also added many new members to the team, updated the site's features, and created new styles of tutorials and projects.
  • The Real Python Podcast podcast

    A Python Journey: Cyber Security, Automating AWS, and TDD


    The Python community continually grows, with many users coming from different languages and backgrounds. This week on the show, we talk with developer Hugh Tipping about his Python journey. Hugh is also a member of the Real Python community.
  • The Real Python Podcast podcast

    Solving Advent of Code Puzzles With Python


    Are you ready to break open the first days of puzzles from the annual Advent of Code challenge? Advent of Code is an advent calendar of twenty-five programming puzzles published each December. Practicing solving puzzles is a great way to build your Python skills. This week on the show, we have previous guest and Real Python author Geir Arne Hjelle to discuss his recent article titled, "Advent of Code: Solving Your Puzzles With Python."
  • The Real Python Podcast podcast

    Discussing Type Hints, Protocols, and Ducks in Python


    There seem to be three kinds of Python developers: those unaware of type hints or have no opinion, ones that embrace them, and others who have an allergic reaction at the mention of them. Python is famously a dynamically typed language, but there are advantages to adding type hints to your code. This week on the show, we have Luciano Ramalho to discuss his recent talk titled, "Type hints, protocols, and good sense."
  • The Real Python Podcast podcast

    Building a Content Aggregator and Working With RSS in Python


    Have you wanted to work with RSS feeds in Python? Maybe you're looking for a new project to build for your portfolio that uses Django, unit tests, and custom commands. This week on the show, we have Real Python author Ricky White to talk about his recent step-by-step project titled, "Build a Content Aggregator in Python."
  • The Real Python Podcast podcast

    The Legacy of OLPC and Charismatic Pitfalls in Teaching Programming


    Do you remember the One Laptop Per Child program? What went wrong, and what can we learn from the program's failure? What are the potential pitfalls of charismatic technology, and how can we avoid them when introducing students to programming? This week on the show, former guest Al Sweigart and author Morgan Ames are here to talk about her book "The Charisma Machine - The Life, Death, and Legacy of One Laptop per Child."

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