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Are you a Projector in the Human Design world? If so, this is for you. Being a Projector is a superpower within itself and we’re here to share with you how to embody this and how to discover your innate Projector magic!

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  • The Projector Movement Podcast podcast

    #20 The Projector Essence with Special Guest Sarah Lemmerman


    Today's episode is INCREDIBLE!  We’re chatting with the amazing Sarah Lemmerman all about the Projector Essence. Sarah is a 5/1 Splenic Projector who has a vast array of unique skills under her belt. Sarah is an Integrative Counsellor who has a masters degree in Eastern AND Western Psychology. Many of Sarah's clients are Projectors, which has led her to really study Projectors over the last little while and find out what makes them tick. Today we discuss: - Sarah's view on the Projector Essence, both from an aligned and unaligned perspective - Patterns and themes that Sarah encounters in her work with Projectors that push against our essence - Play as Projectors - How we can magnetise our essence as Projectors. A truly fascinating conversation that you'll definitely want to tune into. If you'd like to connect with Sarah, you can head to: and join one of her live trainings
  • The Projector Movement Podcast podcast

    #19 Our Open Centres


    Do your open centres in your Human Design Chart communicate with each other? Do they tend to take over your definition at times because they are so incredibly loud? Join me as I chat about my experiment with my open centres. There is a big emphasis on the open heart centre in this episode as it's one that I find myself to be heavily conditioned in. Find out what happens when my open heart talks to my open head and also loops in with my open can get very messy! I also talk about what things might look like if you've got an open root, an open ajna and an open solar plexus! Enjoy this episode.
  • The Projector Movement Podcast podcast

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  • The Projector Movement Podcast podcast

    #18 The Solar Plexus


    Charlie is back on the podcast for this episode and it's one that you'll definitely want to listen to! Whether you are a Projector with Emotional Authority (like Aimee) or perhaps you're completely open here (like Charlie), this episode is filled with gold about the Solar Plexus and the role it plays in our life. Charlie takes us through what role this powerful centre has as we move toward 2027, the year of great change! Now is the time to hone in on this centre and understand it. We talk about how we each experience this centre and how different it feels for each of us. How brilliant that there is no 'right or wrong' in Human Design, just energetic correctness. We have created a new offering that is specifically around Emotional Authority and we go deep into how to navigate it. Join us here for the offer: An online experience that explores the depths of the Solar Plexus and the ins and outs of being a Projector with Emotional Authority. There is a lot to discover in this training: - Deep dive into life as an Emotional Projector - The incredible role the Solar Plexus is playing as we head toward 2027, The Year Of Great Change - What IS Emotional clarity? - Journey through each of the Solar Plexus gates - Circuitry of the Solar Plexus (how you may experience your particular wave) - Guided Meditation + Mantras specifically for Emotional Projectors  This is just to name a few things. We’ve gone super deep with this and welcome you to join us! Who’s coming along for the ride?
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    #17 The 4/6 Projector


    Hello Projectors!  Are you a 4/6 Projector? Or perhaps you know one? This episode is for you!  What an amazing, impactful profile to have. Magic really.  Want to dive deeper into the 4/6 Projector essence? We've created an offer especially for you.  Head here to find out more:  We also have an in depth blog free to read, you can find that right here: Enjoy this episode.
  • The Projector Movement Podcast podcast

    #16 The 2/4 Projector


    Hello Projectors! Are you a 2/4 Projector? Or perhaps you know one? This episode is for you! What a wonderful, contrasting profile to have. Magic really. Want to dive deeper into the 2/4 Projector essence? We've created an offer especially for you! Head here to find out more: We also have an in depth blog free to read, you can find that right here: Enjoy this episode.
  • The Projector Movement Podcast podcast

    #15 Interview With Charlie, a 3/5 Splenic Projector


    Hello Projectors. Today we chat with the founder and creator of The Projector Movement, Charlie Maginness! Charlie is an incredibly embodied Projector and today we learn a bit more about his journey in this life so far. We chat about: - How Charlie developed his relationship with his Splenic Authority - What it felt like for Charlie growing up as a sensitive Projector - The dream Charlie had that was the catalyst for The Projector Movement - What success means to Charlie - Why it's important to decondition now - Charlie's favourite thing about being a Projector Projector Deconditioning Journey Online Course: This is a powerful journey to embark on as a Projector as we move toward 2027, The Year Of Great Change! Connect with us: Website: Instagram: @projectormovement
  • The Projector Movement Podcast podcast

    #14 WHY Human Design is magic!


    A big welcome to all Generators, Manifesting Generators, Manifestors, Projectors and Reflectors! Today this episode is for everyone, as we chat about the magic of Human Design and how impactful it is on our lives. When we understand ourselves at a deeper level, we in turn understand others more.  We are each so unique and Human Design shines a spotlight on that. We invite you to join our online 'Unlock Your Human Design BodyGraph' Course! A modality that helps us to understand ourselves and how we can harmoniously move into our highest alignment in a way that works for us uniquely. How we best make decisions How we best journey through our days How we best use our own unique energetic output to bring in abundance How we can quiet the mind and trust in our body wisdom to guide us Get to know yourself by journeying through this course with us! Once you join the journey begins. You will have access to 9+ hours of recorded video content on how to read your Human Design Chart in-depth. We've condensed the information that can take months to learn about and added it to this self paced course. Video content includes: - Type - Authority - Profile - Centers - Circuitry - Real chart readings  - Plus more! Over 9 hours of video content and a 45+ page PDF manual that you can download and keep. The manual contains: - a breakdown of each of the 64 gates and each of the 36 channels - detailed information on the Variables (arrows around your much information in these arrows!) - a breakdown of what the planets mean  - and much more! The manual alone is incredibly helpful in unlocking your own chart. So handy to have something like this at your fingertips as you walk through the wonderful world of Human Design
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    #13 The 6/2 Projector


    Are you a 6/2 Projector? Or perhaps you know a 6/2 Projector and you'd like to get to understand them a bit more? This episode is for you. Aimee chats about Line 6, Line 2 and how both of them combined might play out for you. If you'd like to go deeper still, we invite you to come and join in the pre launch fun of our 6/2 Projector Profile Experience! Here's what's included in the offer: - 2.5 hours of 6/2 Projector Magic! - Journey through a powerful part of your Human Design Chart, your profile. - We dive deep into what it means to be an embodied 6/2 Projector. - Deep dive into Line 6, Line 2 and the combination of the two together. - 6/2 Projector webinar with Charlie and a 6/2 Human Design Guide Specific Mantras for 6/2 Projectors  Specific guided meditation by Charlie for 6/2 Projectors  Community answered questions Grab your offer here: We have an in depth blog on the 6/2 Projector too! Are you following us on Instagram? @projectormovement Website:
  • The Projector Movement Podcast podcast

    #12 Living With A Generator


    Hello Projectors! Are you a Projector living with a Generator? Then this may be a very insightful episode for you. I myself have lived with my wonderful partner for about 6 years now and he happens to be a Manifesting Generator, so my 3/5 profile is really able to help you out here...join me (Aimee) for a few tips and tricks on how to harmoniously live with a Generator! You could definitely translate this into living with a Generator friend, parent or child too.  We'd love to hear from you if you resonated with this episode or if you have some different tips and tricks on living with a Generator. You can send us a DM on Instagram! @projectormovement Happy listening! Connect with us: Instagram: @projectormovement Website:
  • The Projector Movement Podcast podcast

    #11 Love Your Strategy + Authority!


    Projector Power Episode! Aimee chats how we can choose to look at our Strategy + Authority in a different light. Think of it as our basic hydration and nutrition! Enjoy this episode and have fun with your Strategy +'s expansive, not restrictive. If you're curious about the two epic Projector courses I mentioned, you can find out more about them right here: If you haven't joined us over on Instagram yet...come and play! @projectormovement Website:

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