The Morning Hour of Prayer podcast

The Morning Hour of Prayer

Motivation Through Listening

This podcast is dedicated to Morning Prayers, Inspirations, Motivation, and Positive Affirmations that will provide you with the inspiration and support you need in your Christian Walk of Faith.

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Speak It Into Existence: Affirmative Prayer for Everyday LivingUnlock the Transformative Power Within You!In a world where intention and belief shape our reality, "Speak It Into Existence: Affirmative Prayer for Everyday Living" invites you on a journey of profound self-discovery and manifestation.Explore the realms of intention, the science of affirmation, and the fusion of spirituality with modern psychology. Uncover the potential of your thoughts, words, and emotions to sculpt the life you desire. Whether you seek personal healing, stronger relationships, career success, or a better world, this book offers a blueprint to harness the energy of Affirmative Prayer.Key Highlights:
  • Discover Your Creative Potential: Learn how Affirmative Prayer transforms your intentions into reality, bridging ancient wisdom with contemporary understanding.
  • Master the Language of Manifestation: Dive into the power of words, discovering how positive affirmations resonate with the universe to manifest your desires.
  • Heal and Transform: Witness the synergy of intention and emotion, unlocking the pathways to physical and emotional healing.
  • Navigating Challenges: Empower yourself with the tools to overcome obstacles, shift limiting beliefs, and align with a future filled with possibility.
  • Unleash the Collective Force: Embark on a journey beyond personal transformation, using Affirmative Prayer to influence global harmony, environmental healing, and world peace.
  • Real-world Insights: Immerse yourself in stories of individuals who have harnessed Affirmative Prayer to navigate life's challenges, transform their relationships, and shape their careers.
"Speak It Into Existence: Affirmative Prayer for Everyday Living" is more than a book; it's a guide to becoming the conscious creator of your reality. With practical techniques, personal anecdotes, and a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, this book empowers you to manifest your dreams and embark on a journey of limitless possibilities.Embrace the power of intention. Harness the energy of belief. Speak your desires into existence!

Never Ending Faith*A Faith Prayer Journal: A Prayer Journal That Will Help Me When Doubt Causes Me To Lose Faith

Faith is often thrown around a lot. It is, however, the lifeblood and soul of the Christian Church. Perhaps more importantly, it is our glue. It will often help us when we feel lost or shaken. Doubt is a normal part of life and will always creep into our lives at some point.

Doubt can take many forms. It may manifest as a clearly articulated rebellious denial or quiet distrust of God. Or it could be anger that causes distance and creates anger. Doubt can be good for your faith, but it can also cause you to miss opportunities to grow closer to God.

Matthew 21; 21Jesus replied and said to them: Verily, I say to you that if you believe and don't doubt, you'll not only do the work of the fig tree but also the work of this mountain.This classic passage outlines Jesus' emphasis upon faith.

Yet, it is difficult to describe this in modern times. Faith does not mean abandoning the task at hand or letting things go to the winds. Faith should be followed and supported by action. Faith is doing something that is motivated by the belief God is with us and knows our destiny.

This (52) Week Prayer Journal will give you the everyday tools to monitor, build, and confess our Faith to victory in Jesus name.

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