The Job Hunting Podcast podcast

The Job Hunting Podcast

Renata Bernarde

This is a podcast for well-informed job hunters and career enthusiasts. Hi, my name is Renata Bernarde. in 2018, I left my job to help others get their careers on track. My love for coaching started at a very young age. Over time, I realized that many professionals don’t know how recruitment & selection works, which negatively impacts their career progression. Today I host The Job Hunting Podcast, a 5-star rated show listened to in over 50 countries. I also coach the Job Hunting Made Simple program, teaching professionals the steps and framework to make career advancement simpler and less stressful. I live in Melbourne, drink too much coffee, and some say I can talk underwater :). Please subscribe, leave me a rating, write a review, and let the people you care about know this podcast exists! You can also learn more about me and my coaching services on Do you want me to be a guest on your podcast? Speak at your event? Coach you? Reach out via email at [email protected], and let’s make it happen!

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