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Is NOW the time to buy a home in Italy?

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

When is the right time to consider buying a home in Italy? Right now may be one of the best times to think about buying property in Italy due to a number of factors. When taking the current euro-dollar exchange rate, purchasing property in Italy can be a much more realistic possibility for many people who find themselves in markets that may already be out of reach and on the rise. There are still many places that you can move into that are less than 50K Euros. When considering living in Italy, you may also find the cost of living very reasonable in comparison to many other countries around the world. In this episode of the Italian Real Estate Podcast hosts Marco Permunian, an Italian attorney, along with video podcaster and dual citizen expat, Rafael Di Furia, known for his project Not Your Average Globetrotter (  @Rafael Di Furia - Not Your Average Globetrotter  ) have a discussion about this topic which has been making headlines online recently.

00:00 Intro

01:25 Cost of life in Italy

03:20 Benefits of living in Italy

06:00 Travelling within Italy and Europe

07:05 Italian Visas

08:15 Taxation

11:05 Medical care in Italy

12:40 The 1 euro houses

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