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Inflation in Italy - Italy's Real Estate Landscape & Cost of Living

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

The Italian real estate market is experiencing notable growth, driven by attractive property prices, low-interest rates, and a surge in demand from foreign buyers seeking a taste of 'la dolce vita'. As the cost of living in Italy remains relatively stable despite rising inflation, more people are considering moving to Italy and embracing its unique lifestyle. This comprehensive guide explores the factors affecting the housing market, including location, property types, and regional trends, while offering valuable insights into navigating the process of purchasing and living in your dream Italian home. In this episode of the Italian Real Estate Podcast hosts Marco Permunian, an Italian attorney, along with video podcaster and dual citizen expat, Rafael Di Furia ( @RafaelDiFuria ) known for his project Not Your Average Globetrotter, discuss the current situation in Italy amid inflation.

00:00 – Intro & Opening Thoughts

00:56 – Have there been major increases in the cost of living and the cost of properties in Italy?

07:14 – Have renovation prices in Italy increased or are they the same as before?

08:02 – What about rental properties in Italy? Have their prices changed?

08:43 – What does the day-to-day cost of living look like for both Italians and foreigners living in Italy?

11:53 – Are there any other aspects that would be important to look at for a person thinking about a move to Italy?

14:47 – Closing Thoughts & Outro

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