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Getting a Mortgage in Italy

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

In this episode of the Italian Real Estate Podcast, Italian attorney Marco Permunian and Podcaster Rafael Di Furia ( @RafaelDiFuria ), dive deep into the process of obtaining a mortgage in Italy for those looking to move to Italy, buy property in Italy, or even live in Italy. Discover everything you need to know about eligibility for non-residents, deposit requirements, income assessment, and document requirements for foreign applicants interested in buying a home or an apartment in Italy.

Learn about the Italian mortgage approval process, the importance of pre-approvals, and the prevalence of mortgages in Italy for those considering moving to Italy and living in Italy. Whether you're a resident or a non-resident, get the insights you need to make the right decision for your property purchase in Italy.

If you're dreaming of moving to Italy, living in Italy, or simply buying property in Italy, this episode is a ‘must-listen’ to help you navigate the Italian mortgage market. With expert advice on getting a mortgage in Italy, you'll be better prepared to buy a home or an apartment in Italy and start living la dolce vita.

Visit for more information, and don't miss this informative episode packed with valuable tips and insights on buying property and getting a mortgage in Italy. With the right guidance, your dream of moving to Italy and living in Italy can become a reality.

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00:00 – Intro & Opening Thoughts

00:50 – Can foreign nationals get a mortgage without being residents of Italy?

01:44 – How much of a deposit is required when applying for a mortgage?

02:42 – If a person is able to get a mortgage in Italy, what period of time does one have to make payments?

03:11 – What do banks look at when they are considering your application for a mortgage?

04:00 – Is it necessary for people to be working to qualify for a mortgage—would a retiree would be able to get a mortgage in Italy?

04:44 – Is it more common in Italy for people to get a fixed rate or a variable rate for their mortgage?

05:40 –Since Italy doesn’t have credit scores, what are Italian banks looking to determine if

someone will get approved for a loan?

08:33 – Can you get pre-approval of a mortgage in order to know how one can expect when searching for a home?

10:18 – Do most Italians get mortgages or is it not common?

11:34 – What are the required documents when you are applying for a mortgage?

12:46 – Do you have to get foreign documents translated into Italian for your mortgage application?

14:16 – Closing Thoughts & Outro

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