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Dave Sherwin: Staying Fit And Competitive Throughout Life, And A Mindful Approach To Weight Loss

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Get ready for a very positive and enthusiastic guest, Dave Sherwin—a longtime promoter of health, weight loss, vitality and peak performance.

Dave is a lifelong golfer and former competitive basketball player who has done incredible competitions like Spartan Beast (which he completed in four hours!) and is blazing that trail in his 50s for continued peak performance and vitality. A dedicated practitioner of mindfulness and meditation, Dave also has a program called the “Dirobi UnDiet”, which is a strategy to lose weight away from the tired and often criticized methods of crash dieting, eating less and exercising more, etc.—in short, a more mindful approach to weight loss. He also has a cool program involving supplements, shares a lot of free, great advice on his website, and hosts a fantastic health podcast, which I’ll be making an appearance on soon, so stay tuned for that! 

In this episode, we have a lively conversation about pursuing athletic goals and making age appropriate adjustments to your regimen and goal setting so that your pursuits can align with your health and longevity, rather than compromise them—which is unfortunately common and easy to let happen when you have that misplaced competitive intensity and you’re getting older, but thinking that you’re still younger, so you keep doing some of the more extreme stuff that really is more of a young person’s game. Instead, we want to modify and recalibrate but still keep that competitive edge going. Enjoy this motivating and inspiring conversation with Dave Sherwin and stay tuned for my appearance on the Dirobi Health show!



With today’s guest, Brad will explore making age-appropriate adjustments with your athletic goals. [01:15]

Golf can be more exercise than you think, of course, if you walk, instead of ride in a cart. [05:10]   

The young child being introduced to sports can be transformative in helping them becoming a better person with teamwork, and developing the confidence to develop into a real healthy athlete.  [10:46]

Around age 40, you may have to rethink your exercise protocol…..even become an endurance athlete. [15:11]

Achieving something in health and fitness can have a profound impact on your life. [21:10]

Get a buddy to do things with helps.  You don’t have to go into competition. [23:54]

Keeping muscle strength up is a critical part of longevity. CrossFit is one way to get the entire body fit. [26:46]

You are headed for wheelchairs by default in today’s world, if you are not doing something about it. Mobility, strength, flexibility, endurance, great nutrition together is your goal. [34:17]

When you eat and how you eat is actually the first thing to adjust before we talk about what you eat. [38:41]

Getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep is what most sleep experts recommend. [42:52]

Niche diets are not the best way to look at this. Make sure the carbs you are eating are healthy. [51:53]

It is normal to have a treat on occasion.  The trouble is, in our society, we have too many treats. [59:06]

When purchasing chocolate, if you spend under $3.00, you are supporting child labor and poorly produced products. You should expect to pay around $3.00 or more per ounce. [01:01:04]

It is important, when buying eggs, to think about the chickens, how they are raised, what they eat and that they are not full of chemicals. Same with purchasing meat.  Be diligent in your selections.  [01:05:06]

The stress level in our society is hard to adapt to from our ancestral life and we can’t go back! [01:15:39]




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