The Future Is Now Podcast - Telling the Truth in a world full of lies. podcast

The Future Is Now Podcast - Telling the Truth in a world full of lies.

Spencer Nakamura l Christian Entrepreneur, Speaker

Start living with purpose and step into what God has called to do, and WHO God has called you to be.Have you ever been in a season of confusion? Maybe you feel stuck in life. Maybe you feel like your faith is stagnant. Maybe there are dreams that God gave you years ago that seem so unrealistic when you look at the reality of your current situation now. Do you wish you had the tools and confidence necessary to begin to step into the adventure God has called you to live? Maybe you feel called to be a Christian leader and influencer, but you don't know how to get to that point. What if there was a roadmap? What if there was a process of understanding your God-given calling, stepping out into your purpose, and living with passion as a Christian leader?In this podcast, you will find the tools and process to run after the dreams God has put in your heart. You will be able to grow into the leader that you know you are called to be. My mission is to help people cultivate their calling, grow in their disciplines, and step out to create a life that God has called them to, while also becoming the leader God has called them to be. Are you ready to live with Passion and Purpose? If the answer is YES, then you're in the right place!Learn -> www.snleadership.comConnect -> [email protected] -> @SpencernakTikTok -> @spencer.nak

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