The Disciples Today Podcast podcast

The Disciples Today Podcast

Justin Renton, Marc Aguirre

Disciples Today is a global source of news, encouragement, guidance and resources for all disciples of Jesus. Monthly episodes will focus on global news, mental health during times of stress, marriage, parenting and leadership topics. Tune in and follow along...

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  • The Disciples Today Podcast podcast

    Truth Trauma Theology with Kyle Spears


    Visit Kyle's YouTube channel at "Truth Trauma Theology" books:"Getting Past your Past" - Francine Shapiro"People are Big and God is small" - Edward WelchHe loves me - Wayne JacobsonHow to love - Milan Yerkovich 
  • The Disciples Today Podcast podcast

    Life in Africa during Covid-19


    How has Covid affected East Africa, West Africa & Southern AfricaHow are the churches adapting and coping during this crisisWhat is family life like 
  • The Disciples Today Podcast podcast

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  • The Disciples Today Podcast podcast

    How to have Constructive Conversations on Race, Culture and the Church


    Q - Why do you think the killing of George Floyd has grabbed worldwide attention and ignited a movement to rectify injustice, institutionalised racism and police brutality?Q - What can white disciples do to support and comfort our black family that are hurting?Q - What are unhelpful responses from the white disciples to these events and why?Q - What are unhelpful ways that black disciples can engage with their white brothers and sisters on this topic?Q - It can be hard to have conversations on these issues. From Whites there is guilt, fragility and fear saying insensitive things that only make things worse.  What can they do to educate themselves?Q - How can all minority groups in our churches worldwide forge a way to help the church value them and their cultural sensitivities?
  • The Disciples Today Podcast podcast

    Love, Marriage and Parenting in the time of Covid19


    Marriage dynamics in lockdownResources to help couplesParenting challenges and blessingsParenting resources
  • The Disciples Today Podcast podcast

    Grief Recovery with Tammy Fleming


    Grieving loss of freedom or changed plansThe grieving processLosing loved onesDo's and don'ts of those comforting grieversHelpful Resources 
  • The Disciples Today Podcast podcast

    Jon & Rachel Buchholz, their journey through a crisis.


    What led you to the mission fieldHow is the church doing after 6 weeks of quarantineHow does your family dynamics change week 1 to week 6 of lockdown?What challenges have you experienced in your Marriage?What does the church in Italy need us to pray for?Next Episode:Grieving through this crisis with Tammy Fleming 
  • The Disciples Today Podcast podcast

    What is HOPEww doing around the World during the global Pandemic


    - The new leadership team of HOPEww- What is HOPEww doing in Hong Kong, South Africa, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and other countries- Support the HOPE work by going to Next Episode: Jon & Rachel Buchholz, church leaders in Milan Italy.
  • The Disciples Today Podcast podcast

    Mental Health during a Crisis


    How do we recognise the difference between a normal reaction v's an abnormal response?What habits can we employ that will help us?What do we need to avoid?What resources are available to us and our loved ones?How do we explain to our young children what is going on?
  • The Disciples Today Podcast podcast

    Covid-19 advice from Dr Marc Aguirre and how Congregations are adapting to virtual church.


    How flu symptoms are different to CoronaAvoid things like cash that are super-spreaders of virus’s 🦠How to take care of someone infected at homeChurches around the world plans and strategiesUpdates on Worldwide day of prayer and World Discipleship SummitFuture episodes: Mental health in the midst of a crisis

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