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216. German Shepherd Dermatology

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

With different dog breeds, we can see various phenotypes of allergic skin disease. With German Shepherd dogs, we can see a more ulcerative dermatitis when they get infected with their underlying allergies. Areas of the body such as ventral abdomen and paws tends to be particularly affected.

A different presentation of skin disease can lead to different medical management and we often need to focus on more broad spectrum inflammation control. Learn more about this and certain diseases seen predominantly in this week's episode of The Derm Vet podcast!

Intro 00:00
l've Been Seeing A Lot Of German Shepherds 00:28
German Shepherds And Allergic Dermatitis 01:24
The Areas Of The Body Affected On German Shepherds 04:32
My Suggestions 07:26
Other Diseases We See In German Shepherds 12:10
Outro 14:36

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