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215. How the Irish vets manage allergies

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

On this episode of The Derm Vet podcast, I get to welcome Darragh O' Hanlon. He is an advanced veterinary practitioner in veterinary dermatology in Dublin, Ireland. You may know him as @thetopicalvet on Instagram. We have a great conversation about long-term allergy management and how to implement immunotherapy successfully in allergic patients.

Here some of the differences and similarities of managing pet allergies in Ireland and the United States!

Intro 00:00
Allergies In The US vs Ireleand 04:50
Allergies In Urban Environments 06:58
Seasonal Allergies In Ireland 08:26
Different Pollens In Ireland 12:26
Allergy Testing And Immunotherapy In Ireland 17:56
Darragh's Favorite Ways To Use Topicals 35:10
Outro 40:02

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