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  • The Dabble Co. Podcast podcast

    How Woo are You, with Kiira Mendenhall, NP


    Claire talks to CVICU nurse practitioner Kiira Mendenhall on the balance of taking care of the sickest patients in the state and believing in modern medicine one minute, while bathing your crystals in the moonlight the next.  Turns out, you CAN have balance.  Not only is Kiira smart as a whip, she will kick your ass in the yoga studio, and after that paint you a cheerful painting full of color that will bring joy to your days.  What a gem.   Find her @kiiramendenhall on Instagram, and   THORNE Link:   NPR Article: Intimate portraits of a hospital COVID unit from a photojournalist-turned-nurse  
  • The Dabble Co. Podcast podcast

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Exercise with Mike Sole


    Whether you’re a couch to 5k (or just like… couch) person or a highly trained athlete, you’ll love listening to exercise physiologist and athletic trainer Mike Sole.  We had a great talk about the importance of exercise and recovery, and why they chose to include what they did at MUSC’s new facility (hint: maybe cupping isn’t as woo woo as you thought?).
  • The Dabble Co. Podcast podcast

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  • The Dabble Co. Podcast podcast

    The Baby Settler with Hilary Sadler


    Having a baby is one of the most difficult and insane experiences of a lifetime, and we all need as much help as we can get.  Hilary Sadler MSN, RNC-OB, IBCLC has simplified the process, helping new moms find their stride.  She has an instagram full of tips and tricks about nursing, feeding, sleeping, eating and everything in between, she's also written a book and is currently offering online courses.  Take a listen and go check out @babysettler
  • The Dabble Co. Podcast podcast

    What is mindfulness and can it help even ME? With Dr. Alyssa Rheingold, PhD


    Dr. Rheingold is a licensed clinical psychologist and Professor within the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Medical University of South Carolina. She is the Director of Clinical Operations at the National Crime Victim's Research and Treatment Center and Associate Director of the Sleep and Anxiety Program. Her clinical expertise includes the treatment of anxiety disorders and trauma related mental health issues with a focus on evidence based cognitive behavioral approaches, acceptance and commitment therapy, and mindfulness. Her main research interests include resilience, interpersonal violence, loss by homicide, traumatic grief, etiological factors and treatment outcome research of trauma related psychopathology.   She is now the Director for the Mindfulness Center for the Health and Wellness Institute. Find her here:
  • The Dabble Co. Podcast podcast

    10 questions, Round 10


    Claire answers your questions that are simple and not at all controversial like “should we mask kids at school”?
  • The Dabble Co. Podcast podcast

    Dr. Sarah Allen, Episode 2


    Blanche and Rose return to talk about skincare, the world of aesthetics and being women in medicine/business. This episode showcases helpful conversations about products and procedures, and honest discussion from Claire and Dr. Allen about multiple facets of their business, practice and lives.  Check out their practice across all handles @theskinclique, as well as their initial episode from last year for more background.
  • The Dabble Co. Podcast podcast

    Dr. Natalie Crawford


    Whether you're trying to have kids any time soon or not (or ever!), this episode is not to be missed. Fertility expert Dr. Natalie Crawford sits down with Claire to answer some of your most frequently asked questions. This includes the mind blowing discussion of "Do I actually NEED to have a period or not!?", and her thoughts on so many other subjects you just want accurate answers to.     Find her as well @nataliecrawfordmd on Instagram, the As A Woman podcast, and her YouTube Channel for incredible resources.
  • The Dabble Co. Podcast podcast

    Parent like a Pediatrician: Episode 2


    Claire talks again with New York based pediatrician, Dr. Rebekah Diamond. Her simplified approach to parenting through the pandemic (and really parenting in general) will leave you feeling more empowered and less confused. Find her @parentlikeapediatrician and stay tuned for her upcoming book!
  • The Dabble Co. Podcast podcast

    Sleep Tips with Dr. Melissa Milanak


    There isn't one of us that couldn't benefit from tips from a sleep expert, right? Dr. Melissa Milanak is a clinical psychologist who specializes in sleep and anxiety, and she and Claire dive into one of the most asked about topics: SLEEP! Dr. Milanak explains how and why we sleep, and some of the most basic strategies to help you sleep better.  Don't worry, there will be an episode 2 and 3 because there is simply too much incredible information for one episode.    Connect with her on LinkedIn, as a patient at MUSC or here:
  • The Dabble Co. Podcast podcast

    Dr. Amita Kundra


    Claire interviews cardiothoracic anesthesiologist Dr. Amita Kundra. They go through her training and journey in medicine, to being a working mom and her IVF journey. Also answering the age old question of what the hell happens to you while you’re “asleep” for surgery.

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